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Sod is the premium landscape supply choice to tie together any lawn. Sod is incredibly low maintenance and vividly eye-catching. Ivy Creek Landscape Supply hopes to be your first choice for premium sod when you start your next landscaping project.


Rocks are a simply and subtle choice for landscapers and homeowners alike. Whether you want a colorful array of small stones, or a simple touch of gray in your garden, we have rocks sold by the scoop to help your next landscaping project draw the attention it deserves.

Wheat Straw

Wheat Straw is a top choice for landscapers and gardeners who seek to insulate and hold moisture in the soil of freshly laid sod. We carry fresh wheat straw the looks great for more than just covering sod.

Pine straw

Long needle pine straw is a first choice for anyone looking to spice up a bare area. Whether under bushes, the base of trees, or just lining the perimeter of your front porch, pine straw is an easy and attractive choice to bring life to any landscape.


Mulch is a great landscape product for those seeking to protect the soil and plant roots from the elements. Mulch also brings a fresh, lively smell to any garden, flowerbed, or landscaped pathway. We sell mulch by the scoop for projects of any scale.


Ivy Creek Landscape Supply offers soil choices that include sand, dirt, manure, and top soil. Whether you’re looking to grow lively plants, lush gardens, or just have fresh, soft soil in your yard we carry a wide variety of soils sold by the scoop to help you bring life your landscaping project.

Our goal is to be the #1 landscape supply company in Gwinnett. We live and work in this community and we want to do our part to make it pretty. Contact us today for all your landscaping supplies.

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